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  Jianguomen Post Office, a branch of Beijing International Post Office, is adjacent to Central Business District (CBD) on its eastern side, and neighboring to the embassy district on its north side. The unique geographic location stimulates the subsequent birth of a series of feature business. In the long-term development course, the three business sections led by "post, finance and gift" have headed to the "expressway" that rapidly develops. Jianguomen Post Office, as the only ^custom-guarded post office ̄ in Beijing , works jointly with the Custom to build the fast portal of international imported and exported cargos. Furthermore, the operation of visa express that Jianguomen Post Office subsequently set in America , Germany and Canada embassies develops strongly,
yet scores the extraordinary significance of a milestone in the history of China 's postal development. Thus, it can be described to be a brand business with giant potential.
  Jianguomen Post Office will always cling to and follow the action concept---"sincerity brings reliability", to wholeheartedly build the friendship in life and partnership in cooperation with staff of foreign companies with our elite work team.
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